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Many of these allow you to sign in with your library card and begin working through virtual classes too. As ever, we recommend reaching out to whichever library is most convenient to you to see if they offer any similar programs. Adults over 50 can also attend Cambridge Community Television webinars for free. These are generally an hour long and cover a wide range of topics from password security to securing your smartphone. Best of all, past sessions are record, allowing you to stream anything that interests you without having to deal with the pressure of a live presentation. If you’ve liv in Massachusetts for at least a year and are 60 years old, you’re eligible to have your tuition fees waiv at more than a dozen eligible colleges.

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Michigan Michigan’s cybersecurity hub is a decent starting point for anyone completely new to digital privacy. However, it’s mostly aim at parents and businesses, so there’s limit information specifically for seniors. On the plus side, GetSetUp has partner with the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services to make all of its webinars Macedonia Phone Number List free to access for residents ag 62 and up. Note that even though most classes show a price tag, you can simply enter the code MICHIGANHEALTH to waive all fees. Classes on offer cover everything from scam detection to password management, so it’s possible to get a fairly impressive cybersecurity ucation in a few days if you’re so inclin. Higher ucation institutions each have different discounts in this state.

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For instance, Western Michigan University offers free tuition on one class per semester if you’re 62 or older. Michigan Tech, on the other hand, lets you take two classes completely free, provid you’re at least 60 years old. For this reason, we strongly recommend contacting the admissions board to see what kind of discounts might be available to you. Minnesota Thanks to Minnesota’s Adult Literacy hotline, it’s extremely easy to find free local computer classes. Simply check the Computer option TH Lists under the Class Types heading, enter in your location and maximum travel distance, and click Search. It’s also possible to check the ESL option, again under Class Types, if you’d like to search for lessons taught in another language. Libraries are, as ever, an excellent way to obtain free computer awareness training.

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