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Influencer marketing is a tool that brands can use to improve their brand

Reputation and spread their brand image. Influencer collaboration is critical to achieving these business goals. And optimize social media marketing campaigns .

And that they are therefore a valid vehicle for disseminating Indonesia Phone Number List content in a specific sector. Unfortunately this does not always correspond to the truth, for various reasons; we need to consider the nature of the users who follow a certain profile. Are they really interested in this type of content? Do they actually display publications on their home page? And above all, are they real users? Fake accounts are indeed a real scourge on social media , and are used to inflate the number of followers of an influencer. It is therefore always better to avoid fake followers, to ensure the effectiveness and authenticity of influencer marketing activities.

What are they for and why should they be avoided?

There are ghost followers who do not interact with the followed profile. Others are bots that perform automated functions such as retweeting, sending friend requests or followbacks and posting fake comments and replies. All to “falsify” the quality or value of an influencer and legitimize it.

When scouting influencers for marketing campaigns it is always good to avoid fake followers.

Fake accounts pose a risk, it’s better to get help identifying them

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In this regard, the L’Eco della Stampa platform allows you to TH Lists monitor influencer marketing campaigns, to understand the real effectiveness of the strategies implemented. It will be possible to analyze data to identify weaknesses, find false followers and optimize strategies to improve brand reputation . With the help of other tools like TwitterAudit, SparkToro and other influencer marketing hubs it will be possible to obtain useful information and avoid fake followers.

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