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The first rule that I have given myself as 

A content creator is to collaborate with companies that may interest my community , with products that I myself would be happy to use. Then there is the difficulty of reconciling different objectives. It may happen that the corporate needs of companies may not be exactly in line with the language to be used India Phone Number List in a channel like YouTube . The best thing is to have carte blanche. The content creator is not just an influencerwhich gives access to a community. He is someone who with a different eye can talk about a brand in a new and original way. For example, the American channel “ Yes Theory ”, made a video in collaboration with Google.  In short, the collaboration between content creators and companies is an opportunity, if you add fuel to creativity! 

Brands today talk a lot about authenticity.

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This way you can tell a story and reach the interested public TH Lists in a very direct way. YouTube which has an even longer permanence time than other social networks. Furthermore, it fits with an idea of ​​more elaborate contents that I feel are more “mine”.

An activity that I think works very well is showing the behind the scenes of a brand . Many realities have been born recently and have been very successful by involving their audience.

A brand, to show its reality, its foundations, must also have built a harmonious and sustainable work environment . y, even a potential consumer will be encouraged to do so. 

Here is the link to watch the complete interview with Federica on demand on our Media Intelligence Arena platform.

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