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Born in 1995 in Brianza,  Federica Mutti  is a digital entrepreneur  specializing in web content on the subject of work. Federica you also talk about personal and financial growth, the economy and youth empowerment. Her goal is to inspire people to achieve their life and career goals. Through YouTube she tells both about her professional history and about her  digital entrepreneurial project .

Federica’s journey as a digital entrepreneur is an inspiration for many boys and girls , but also adults, companies, who want to reinvent themselves and get back into the game. Not only that, the “positive impact” strategy lives in the values ​​that many today seek in the entire communication sphere: curiosity, creativity and balance.

We talked with Federica about her work and her communication Hong Kong Phone Number List strategies , to find input and inspiration directly from those who work in the digital world . From the contents of Federica Mutti emerges a great link between the communicative aspects and the more human ones. Federica – our guest also for New Normal Live on the Media Intelligence Arena platform – like many contemporary communication specialists, recognized the need to find a bond of interdependence between her communication and her way of being. Particularly interesting in her case was rediscovering a sustainable dimension of empathy, in relation to the contents produced and in general in relation to his way of looking at the world. 

Interview with Federica Mutti

Listening, curiosity, authenticity and originality are ingredients that everyone would like in their communication. Federica Mutti finds them in a sustainable approach, capable of nourishing the person above all. Only later, this approach is reflected in his way of communicating and working.

How do you define your way of bringing about “positive impact”?

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For me, positive impact is first and foremost a certain type of approach to work. In regards to my work it is especially about looking and paying attention to the contribution I can make to people . The best thing is knowing that something I’ve talked about in my content has actually been useful in the reality of the people who follow me, even in small things. It also means creating a dialogue with the community . An active attitude of exchange and comparison with my recipients. 

Working with a “positive impact” strategy also means for TH Lists me being a content creator who doesn’t live and work to raise metrics, but to help people, even if they are few. Another important element of the positive impact is related to the sphere of sustainability . I don’t deal directly with the sustainable environment, however it is important for me to convey a human approach to work and to the business world. My commitment can be translated more into sensitivity from a working point of view. 

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