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The sustainable approach from a working point of view for me is not chasing after performance, but mostly doing what you do with your heart, managing to enjoy your small successes. . Often we end up not even being able to fully enjoy our successes. In my opinion, to avoid overloading, it is essential to keep your compass in mind , i.e. the meaning of what we are doing and why we are doing it. To synthesize a more qualitative than quantitative approach to work, more human and less performative.

Federica Mutti and creativity how it can be applied to the world of work by individuals and companies.

Creativity is a fundamental element of my life, perhaps Iceland Phone Number List precisely because when I was younger I didn’t dedicate much time to this aspect Creativity means not being afraid to explore and meet new people and new experiences. Being creative is an attitude of openness , which welcomes the “new” or “different”. 

Very often, when working in the digital world , these bubbles are created, where social media continue to recommend only the content that interests us. In this

It’s important to be aware of this and therefore find a way to get out of your bubble, let yourself be contaminated by different things . The same goes for a company, which can and must certainly be inspired by its competitors and its sector, but why not take a cue from something completely different and perhaps create synergies with other sectors ?

Corporate visions have a certain verticality that often runs the risk of remaining rather rigid. In reality, the beautiful things that generate results and capture attention are precisely the most unexpected ones. Those born from the union of different sectors and points of view.  It also takes courage to get off the beaten track.

What are your “favorite social networks” to communicate with your audience and why?

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I haven’t officially announced it yet but I’ve just finished writing my first book “ Growing up with YouTube ” which will be released at the end of May with the Hoepli publishing house for the Digital Marketing series . This book is about my favorite social network: YouTube . For me this channel was the platform with which I started and which I was most passionate about. It made me a brave person. Thanks to YouTube I learned to speak in public and to be more open with others. 

It is creative territory. On YouTube you can upload a video TH Lists of any length and that integrates different languages: photos, videos, audio, music and writing . In addition, in my opinion, YouTube is ideal for reaching your target, thanks also to SEO and other precautions. This way you can tell a story and reach the interested public in a very direct way. YouTube which has an even longer permanence time than other social networks. Furthermore, it fits with an idea of ​​more elaborate contents that I feel are more “mine”.

Federica Mutti: how to find a meeting point between creativity and business needs.

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